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Hi and welcome to Femefutbol! My name is Matthew Parsley and this is my blog which focuses primarily on the topic of football in Europe. This is a topic which carries a lot of weight in terms of popularity, history, and controversies. It is certainly a topic which millions around the globe regularly tune into.

If we are to be truly honest, the European Football fans, well—they take things further. They are a wholly passionate and fully committed bunch. So I’m putting this call out to anyone who cares and loves the beautiful game as much as I do.

Would you care to contribute to this website?

I am opening up my blog for article contributors and even partner writers who are interested in providing a better understanding of this sport and the machinery which moves it. If you are aiming to contribute to this site, here are a few writer qualifications and article qualities that I hope this site to have:


I would like Femefutbol to carry only factual discussions and articles. There is enough misinformation and fake news which is hurtling around the web and I do not want any on this site. It would be a disservice to the men and women who pour their blood, sweat, and bones to this sport.


There are many different ways to discuss this sport despite touching on several similar talk points. I highly appreciate a unique approach to topics which focus on EU football.

For interested parties, please send in your applications or your queries to my email at