EU Footie: Why Is European Football So Different From The Rest?

Hello and welcome to the first post on Femefutbol! As always, my name is Matthew and I would like to welcome you! As you may know, the primary focus of this website is going to be the topic of European Football. It is my goal to provide you good people with a better understanding and a stronger appreciation for this truly beautiful game.

So what makes this—European Football, in particular—so different from the rest? It’s not like Europe is the only part of the world which has this game after all. So what is it that truly makes it stand apart from the rest? Well, I can think of a few good reasons:


Europe has been traced to be the origin of this particular sport. Of course, China is trying to claim this as their singular achievement but there is very little actual documentation of this. If we’re are going to base proof on written chronicles, then England has the best claim as the origin of this game. It was pegged to be at 19th century.

The fact that there is irrefutable proof of its origins in Europe makes EU Football truly history in action. The current players and teams are all part of a proud history that we can watch unfold before our own two eyes.


If we are going to base the sheer number of official clubs and the frequency of games both local and international, Europe wins hands down. While Football is truly a sport which has been embraced all over the world, it has some pretty hard competition.

European Football clubs are famous regardless of their size and whether or not they actually compete on a large scale. The amount of dedication and support which they garner is truly an incomparable one. Both fans and critics can agree on this part. Don’t you think so?

So in the end, we can agree the European Football has earned the right to truly captivate its public. The people that play and the people that watch it can all fully agree that this game and where it is played is special. What are your thoughts on this?

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