Value for Money: Two of the Highest Paid EU Football Players

Hello and welcome back to Femefutbol! As always, I am Matthew and I’m here to talk about European Football. With the World Cup recently held and finished, it brought to the spotlight some pretty exemplary players which have really given their teams and their countrymen something to be proud of.

I was certainly impressed by some performances and of course, I was upset at some of the others. Despite all of this, what really came to mind were the staggering amounts of money which have changed hands, the promised salaries, and the contract offers which some EU Football players did obtain! Today, I wanted to discuss two of the highest paid EU football players.

Neymar Jr.

$229.4 Million or €197.2 Million

You may know this name not because he’s part of a pretty good team (Paris Saint-Germain) but because of the ridiculous antics that he perpetuated during the 2018 World Cup. He spent roughly around fourteen minutes rolling around on the grass for supposed “injuries” and fouls.

This makes it more amazing that he is getting paid so much money. This is not to say that he is not an amazing player. He is. It’s just that everything gets overshadowed because of his World Cup antics.

Harry Kane

$235.8 Million or € 202.8 Million

As the striker for Tottenham Hotspur, he was an immediate “must watch” by every football fan. He’s had a pretty good track record…until he was starting to show signs of fatigue. His scoring capacity started to suffer and fans are worried about the upcoming friendly match England with Switzerland.

Removing this, Harry Kane is still an exemplary individual and an athlete. He has been one of the more consistent scorers in EU football. He has pretty solid average shot per game ratio going for him.

If there is anything to take away from this, it is that value for money should really be considered. Large companies sponsor teams and team owners/managers leave it to their discretion to consider how much a particular athlete is worth. To date, the two mentioned today top the list of highest paid EU football players. What are your thoughts about this?